Publications & Prints

Zajel CPRC provides editing, designing and printing services. Also, it provides your company/institution with any kind of printed materials (newsletter, magazine, flyers, brochure, ….. etc), by  very professional designers using sophisticated printers and solutions.

Media Relations and Consultancy: We have a broad access to media in the Arab World (including newspapers, magazines, television channels, radio stations, community newsletters and online newspapers) and ready to publish your advertisements on, and will keep lines of communication running between your company/institution and media sources.
Media Monitoring: Our online media monitoring service provides you the news and information you need to read. Our media monitoring service is perfect for any quoted company that needs to track the latest information and commentary that has a crucial impact on its share price and reputation, or a corporate that needs timely market intelligence on its competitors, industry or products. Our staff are experts in following up the news and will monitor and follow up your company’ news published in several media sources.
Intelligent Translation: We have experts will do the needed translation works from English and French into Arabic and vice versa, they will translate any kind of documents (Books, flyers, newsletters, contracts … est.), Our translation team is dedicated to provide high quality professional language translation service at affordable price. Our strong team of expert translators is ready to translate your document in time. We are always sincere to meet the deadline.
Web Logo Design: We have years of experience creating logo designs and web designs for small businesses, agencies, institutions, …etc. we will deliver eye capturing designs with a mix of class and edge that reach your target audience. We take every job as serious as the other, including yours.